Israel-Gaza War Relief

Destruction of Israeli police station.

Send Aid to Israel

Help Respond to Critical Needs in Israel and Gaza

The attack on Israel on October 7 by the terrorist group Hamas was unprecedented and devastating, leaving thousands dead and wounded in the immediate aftermath. Civilians have been killed and taken hostage, and the fighting continues to escalate in Gaza and the surrounding areas. Families are desperately seeking safety and aid amid the battle.

Send Relief, Southern Baptists’ compassion ministry, is working with partners to quickly respond to needs amidst this rapidly unfolding and expanding conflict. One hundred percent of your gifts will go to this vital work, physically demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ to those affected by this tragic violence.

Prayer Points from Send Relief

  • Pray for a ceasefire.
  • Pray for peace in Israel, Gaza and the surrounding area.
  • Pray for survivors and the thousands injured in the fighting, as well as hostages and prisoners of war.
  • Pray for the families and individuals displaced due to the sudden conflict.
  • Pray for thousands grieving the loss of loved ones.
  • Pray for needed resources such as food, water, and medicine to reach those impacted by the conflict.
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