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Donate Stock To Ministry In Three Simple Steps

Stock gifts are a smart way to support ministry because they allow you to avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated shares. Follow the steps below to complete the transfer process.

Step 1

Notify WatersEdge Of A Pending Stock Gift

Let us know important details about your gift (including which ministry the funds should support) by completing the form below.

Step 2

Ask Your Broker to Wire the Stock

Give your broker or financial advisor these instructions and ask them to wire the stock to WatersEdge (The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma).

Security Transfer Instructions

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
DTC Clearing # 0164
“The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma”
Acct # 9856-5521

Contact Information

David Depuy, CIO
Phone: 405-605-4222

WatersEdge Tax ID Number

EIN 73-0623038

Note: If you are gifting stock that will not transfer to Charles Schwab, please contact for additional guidance.

Step 3

Get A Gift Receipt

Once your broker has completed the transfer and WatersEdge has received the stock, we’ll send you a receipt for your gift.


Contact the WatersEdge Advancement Team at or 800-949-9988.