Year-End Giving

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Looking to make a year-end gift to Kingdom work?


As the holidays approach, we at WatersEdge want to express our appreciation for your generosity. Your giving is pleasing to the Lord, and it makes a tangible difference in people’s hearts and lives. Thank you!

Our team of giving solutions experts works to help you give in the wisest, most effective way possible — maximizing the impact of your year-end gifts to front-line ministries. Keep reading for just a few of the ways WatersEdge can help.


Stock Gifts

Did you know that stocks can be transformed into charitable gifts for the churches and ministries you’re passionate about? Our staff can help you sell shares and distribute those proceeds to Kingdom work, all while avoiding taxes on the sale. We’ll cover the cost associated with these gifts, too.  See the process at


Donor Advised Funds

You can also multiply your giving through a donor advised fund (DAF). These funds allow you to make easy, tax-deductible gifts through the end of this year and beyond in a stress-free, flexible format. Get more info at


IRA Charitable Rollover

If you’re older than 70½, you can also give through an IRA charitable rollover. Ask us about gifting your IRA’s required minimum distribution to lower your adjusted gross income — a great way to support ministry while simplifying taxes. For the first time in history, you can also use these distributions to fund a charitable gift annuity. Learn more at


View or download a list of other year-end giving strategies using the button below.

Our team is available to support you in your giving goals. Together, we’ll continue to empower the Kingdom work you’re passionate about. WatersEdge is grateful for your generosity and the opportunity to partner with you in this calling.