Living Word Baptist Church

Indianapolis, Indiana

Funding ministry has never been the easiest task. But that hasn’t slowed down Living Word Baptist Church of Indianapolis, Indiana.

The 28-year-old church found a ministry partner in WatersEdge Ministry Services, and through that partnership, Living Word also becomes a partner with other churches far and wide.

Pastor Reginald Fletcher preaches to the Living Word Baptist Church congregation, his voice projected through the new sound system purchased with the loan from WatersEdge Ministry Services.

In 2013, the church took out a $375,000 loan with WatersEdge designated for necessary church renovations. Taking the loan out through WatersEdge not only saved the church quite a bit of money in interest charges, says Living Word founding pastor Reginald Fletcher, but also allowed any interest paid on the loan to be re-invested in other churches, an important partner-in-ministry concept to the pastor and church leaders.

Congregation members walk into church together on their new parking lot, thanks to the partnership with WatersEdge Ministry Services.

Four years later, Living Word needed to do additional renovation projects, such as improving its sound and security systems and renovating its children’s area and parking lot. Once again, the church turned to WatersEdge because “we had such a good experience with the first loan” through their newfound partner in ministry, Fletcher says.

Upgrading and renovating the church facilities in a community where crime and poverty are rampant have “stimulated a sense of pride among church membership and dignity in the community. It has been an enlightening and exhilarating experience,” Fletcher says.

Pastor Reginald Fletcher poses with his wife Vanessa outside the church. Fletcher founded and organized Living Word Baptist Church in 1992.

“Living Word is a family-focused, close-knit congregation that reaches out to our community,” Fletcher explains. “I see our church as a ‘city within a city,’ providing gospel services through social services, feeding the Word of God to our neighbors and helping them become productive citizens.”

Through recent renovations, Living Word has established a grief ministry as well as a food pantry, where the church feeds about 300 people each month. The Hispanic population is a growing demographic in Indianapolis, and Living Word also provides worship space for a congregation of Hispanics.

Women of Living Word Baptist Church lead worship on a Sunday morning. Updating and renovating the church facilities has given the congregation a greater sense of pride in what they have.

Fletcher says he looks forward to the future where he dreams of the church providing minor medical and dental ministry, employment assistance and affordable housing, all framed within the Gospel message.

Such vision can become reality, he believes, when he knows he has WatersEdge Ministry Services, a partner in ministry, walking beside him.


Story by Margaret Colson

Photos by Michael Chandler