Thirteen-Month Term Investment

Grow Ministry Funds

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Grow Ministry Funds

Let WatersEdge grow your church’s capital so you can grow God’s Kingdom. Take advantage of our 3.13% special interest rate on a Thirteen-Month Term Investment.* It’s available for a limited time to Southern Baptist churches who invest new funds with WatersEdge.




13-Month Term Investment

Limited-Time Special Interest Rate


13-Month Term Investment

Limited-Time Special Interest Rate*

Why Invest with WatersEdge?

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Great Rates

At WatersEdge, we optimize interest rates for growth.


Maximum Flexibility

Invest or withdraw funds daily, or lock in higher rates for periods ranging from one month to five years. Low minimum investment.


Help Other Churches Grow

Investing with WatersEdge keeps money in ministry. Your dollars are used to provide loans to Southern Baptist congregations across the nation. 

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*Not available to individual investors. Limited-time special interest rate available for newly invested funds, not for funds currently invested with WatersEdge. This 13-month investment will be automatically extended for an additional 12-month term at maturity, absent client instruction, subject to our Offering Circular and indi­vidual state requirements. WatersEdge securities are subject to certain risk factors as described in the Offering Circular and are not FDIC or SIPC insured. NOTICE: This is not an offer to sell WatersEdge securities and we are not soliciting you to buy our securities. WatersEdge offers and sells securities only in states where authorized. This offering is made solely by our Offering Circular.