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We immediately sensed such a partnership with WatersEdge — a like-mindedness of what we were wanting to accomplish. Not because we wanted to make our church well known, but to be obedient to what we felt like the Lord was calling us to do.

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Director of Strategy and Operations, Storyline Church | Arvada, Colorado

The estate planning process was easy, and it helped me put things in order. I would definitely recommend WatersEdge to anyone considering going through that process. I’ve always wanted to help as many people as I could, and that’s been my whole goal. Now, with this plan, I know I’m making a difference.

Donor | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I can’t emphasize it enough: I don’t think we could be doing what we are doing right now without our partnership with WatersEdge. From the first conversation, I’m not sure I’ve worked with an organization that has streamlined things for us in a more simplified way, that was leveraging everything God has blessed them with to bless churches.

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Lead Pastor, Storyline Church | Arvada, Colorado

God has blessed us with two families: our earthly family of sons, daughters-in-law and grandkids, and a spiritual family in Christ. Our desire for the resources God has given us is to provide for the furthering of both. Let me encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Pastor, Southern Hills Baptist Church | OKC, Oklahoma

I think having an estate plan is important because God has given us stewardship over every part of our life, and we want to honor Him and glorify Him with every aspect. This is something that everybody needs to do, whether you think it’s something that you can put off or not.

Lead Pastor, Arrow Heights Baptist Church | Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

An estate plan was the most logical and efficient means for my wife and me to honor our financial stewardship responsibility by determining and legally clarifying our intent for the distribution and utilization of our assets once our lives on this earth are completed.

Finance Committee, Eagle Heights Baptist Church | Stillwater, Oklahoma

We have three children and we wanted to make sure they were going to be taken care of and it wouldn’t be left up to somebody else. We also wanted to make sure our possessions were going to Gospel ministries. WatersEdge was very easy to work with.

Senior Pastor, Eagle Heights Baptist Church | Stillwater, Oklahoma

Working with WatersEdge to establish my estate plan was easy and a great experience. Now I have peace of mind about my family’s financial future and the blessing of knowing my estate will further the Gospel after I’m gone.

Senior Pastor, FBC Edmond | Edmond, Oklahoma

We’d be fools not to create an estate plan, in a lot of ways. It benefits our child and future children, our families, and even benefits either one of us in case something happens. WatersEdge really communicated that it’s about stewardship and taking care of the things God has given us to use for His Kingdom.

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Western Hills Church | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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